Living in Exile by Jon Lipsky

By theatre KAPOW (other events)

3 Dates Through Oct 01, 2017

Perhaps ancient tales remain because they speak enduring truths that must be remembered. Living in Exile presents a compelling reinterpretation of the Trojan War; playwright Jon Lipsky’s script draws directly upon the Homeric tradition of oral recitation. The set reflects a living room—in contemporary dress, the actors transform the modern space into a battleground through the power of words alone. They speak directly to the audience without theatrical grandeur or extraneous performance. This is the Iliad that sings with the voice of the casualty.

Living in Exile excels by boiling the Iliad down into a tale of compassion. It is an easy thing to retell the Iliad through the lens of the heroic and the larger-than-life. More difficult is Lipsky’s quest to mine the ancient epic for the overlooked and understated—to find the human element in a tale of demi-gods. The result is a stunning and humble portrait of the tragedy of war, from the days of Homer to 2017.